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FMF Lazer was founded by Mehmet Mermer in Ostim Organize Industry Zone and has become an important position in sheet metal processing sector in a short time. Today, Ostim Organized Industrial Zone, with a total of 1500 m2 production area with 3 workshops to serve customers.

In the workshops located in Ostim Organize Industrial Zone, we provide sheet cutting service, project design, bending, welding, painting and assembly services as a whole. Thanks to its advanced technology machinery park, many companies operating abroad have experienced the various qualities and projects in their capacities.

FMF Lazer has been manufacturing in many sectors such as automotive, construction, machine manufacturing and advertising and has been growing its customer portfolio from day to day, keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground by not sacrificing production quality.

In the frame of fast and high quality production, we provide the customer satisfaction by converting the projects you have requested to the most valuable values ​​of FMF Lazer.

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  • !Adres: Ostim OSB 1235. Cadde (eski 58. Sokak)
    No: 105 - 103 - 100 06370 Yenimahalle / Ankara

  • !Telefon: 0312 354 02 24 (PBX)

  • !Fax: 0312 386 04 10

  • !Email: info@fmflazer.com

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